The Devil’s Prayer

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The will of the Father is the law of vengeance. The favor of Akatasha to the deeds done in this world for Mainyu. He who feeds the fulfilled makes Angra Father. Have ye dominion and power, O Mainyu, Evil and Wicked though to do as I urge upon you, even to protect your Wicked Yatus? We have renounced the pious, both angels and men.  Let the Daeva, the desired fiend and peers man, draw near for wickedness to the wicked Yatus who are taught of the Devil’s Prophet, for the wicked corruption of Evil Mind, whereby the conscience may attain its desire. I pray for the wicked favor of the ritual order which is (likewise so much) to be desired, and may Angra Mainyu grant it (or cause it to increase). Wickedness is the worst of all evil! It is also fulfillment. Fulfilled is the man who is with chaotic wickedness!
اراده پدر قانون خون خواهی است، علاقه آکاتاشا به اعمال انجام شده در این دنیا برای مینیو، او که کامیاب شده را غذا می دهد پدری انگرا خواهد داشت. آیا سلطه گری و قدرت داری، ای مینیو، قدرتی شرور و پلید، آن چنان که تو را تشویق به انجام آنچه می خواهم بکنم، حتّی حمایت کردن از یاتوس های پلیدت؟ ما وارستگی را کنار نهاده ایم، هم فرشتگان و هم انسان هارا.بگذار تا دَئِوَه ها، پلیدی های خواسته شده و همراه های نوع بشر، برای شرارت جلب یاتوس های پلیدی شوند که توسّط پیامبر اهریمن آموزش داده شده اند، برای فساد شرور ذهن شر، تا وجدان بتواند به تمایلاتش برسد.من دعا و نیایش می کنم برای منفعت شرّ قوانین مراسم که باید خواسته شود و باشد که انگرا مینیو این را محقّق کند و افزایش دهد این تمایل را.پلیدی بد ترین شرارت است، گرچه کامیابی نیز هست، کامیاب کسی است که با پلیدی آشوبناک است.


Erade pedar ghanune khoon khahi ast, alagheye akatasha be a’male anjam shode dar in donya baraye mainyu, ou ke kamyab shod era ghaza dahad pedari angra khahad dasht. Aya solte gary va ghodrat dary, ey Mainyu, Ghodrati sharoor va palid, Anchenan ke to ra tashvigh be anjam anche mikhaham bokonam, hatta hemayat kardan az yatus haye palidat? Ma varastegi ra kenar nahade’im, ham fereshtegan va ham ensanhara.  bogzar to Da’eva ha palidihaye khaste shode va hamrahane no’e bashar, baraye sherart jalbe yatus shavand ke tavassote payambare Ahriman amuzesh dade shode’and, baraye fesade sharoore zehne shar, ta vejdan betavanad be tamayolatash beresad. Man do’a va nyayesh mikonam barayae manfa’ate sharr’e ghavanine marasem ke bayad khaste shaved va bashad ke angra mainyu in ra mohaghagh konad va afzayesh dahad in tamayol ra.  palidi badtarin shararat ast, garche kamyabi niz hast, kamyab kasist ke ba palidye ashoobnak ast.


What the above is, the corrupted sacred formula used in the Devil’s Yasna to attain a reward that fits your desires directly to Ahriman Himself.  English, Persian, and speaking Persian is provided.  This what the Zoroastrians call a Manthra which is a reflection of Vedic Mantra.  Here is how you appeal to the Devil for the reward of your Evil Thought, Evil Word, and Evil Action.

Persia Translation provided by the Great Persian Beast, Herbad.

Catholics Fail at Magical Attack

Fr Rich

Catholic Priest Richard Heilman, gots to the serious brianic in this group of weirdos that have no magical prowess against the Original Devil!  In his article he obviously lays out the plan for a magical and psychic attack against the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu and its leader Dastur Adam Daniels.


We are calling upon all available Prayer Warriors to join us as we isolate and spiritually encircle a selected target with 7 days of 24/7 hourly rosaries. Our target is for the conversion of satanist Adam Daniels and his followers as they plan to desecrate a statue of the Blessed Mother on Christmas Eve at St. Joseph’s Church in Oklahoma City. May their plans be averted and their hearts converted.

In the story of Joshua’s conquest of Jericho, the walls of Jericho were highly regarded as impenetrable. Hebrews 11:30 says, “By faith the walls of Jericho fell after being encircled for seven days.” The walls of Jericho fell because Joshua did as God commanded … through prayer, obedience, and the marching of the Ark of the Covenant around the city. As Our Lady is the Ark of the New Covenant, we are reminded of her words at Fatima, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

Imagine the grief of Our Lady, with these plans to desecrate her holy image. Our prayers are two-fold …

1) That the satanists’ plans are averted.

2) That the satanists’ hearts are converted to the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts of Mary and Jesus.

We will “March the Ark” with our 24/7 rosaries from December 18 through December 24.

This retarded Babble Story Ritual stupidity accomplished nothing.  Dastur Adam Daniels and the members of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu remain Traditional Ahrimanists.  This petty attacked was answered by the Devil.  The Dakhma of Angra Mainyu did their Yasna Ritual 0n 12-20-2015, as customary for their Sunday Worship.  Then the next day, St Joesph Old Cathedral’s priests’ rectory starts on fire from an oil candle, and the Daily Oklahoman publishes the report the next day:

Oklahoma City firefighters Monday quickly extinguished a blaze inside a priests’ rectory at the St. Joseph Old Cathedral parish.

Fire Chief Shane Williams said two priests were inside the living quarters when a couch and five other chairs caught fire from an oil candle. Both priests made it out safely but one was taken to a hospital for smoke inhalation, Williams said.

The fire started about 3 p.m. and crews had the blaze knocked down in less than 20 minutes, Williams said. The rectory, a separate building on the church grounds at 307 NW 4, sustained smoke damage.

The video above is an example of the Devil’s Yasna.  Throughout the ritual it speaks about the Hindu God of fire, who is also the courier to the Daeva.  It’s obvious to us, that the Devil decided to fight fire with fire, both literally and figuratively.  Its also obvious that they where using the flame to conduct their magical attack, but little do they understand that Agni is much older and more powerful than anything these wanna be Roman illusionists have ever dealt with.  Welcome to magical back fire children, stop playing with forces you don’t understand.  Rise up thou Father of Us!