Vengeance, Our Only Law


The remaining questions at this point, that keeps getting ask, why and what was the point of the Black Mass and the Consumption of Mary?  Vengeance, plain and simple.  Oh yeah, change in our society, proving to the Catholics and Christians that there is still seperation of church and state, the Dakhma is a faith based church, and the continued down fall of Coakley’s public face.  Now its our turn to display Arch Bishop Paul Coakley’s wrap sheet against the Ahrimanic Faith:

July  2012  Catholic phone calls are placed to stop our first Public Wedding, and KOCO sent over to demand the origins of Dastur Adam’s ordainment.  That interview was never aired by KOCO.

October 2013  We arrived at the park at the corner of NW Expressway and N Meridian in Oklahoma City.  We where met with the Okc Police Department, and were forced to leave.  We did so without any resistance, however the officer did inform me to get a permit next time and that way the Arch-Diocese could not have us shut down.  This was the Apostasy of Jesus Christ ritual.

June-September 2014  Arch-Bishop Coakley creates a massive shit storm of media to stop the Black Mass of Oklahoma.  He starts by hiding behind his computer and starts whining to Mayor’s office about revoking our permit at the Civic Center Music Hall.  Then the fool sues me for a waffer I never had.


The Black Mass still happened anyway.

October 2015  The Lawton Parish under Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley, does everything it can to shut down my book signing in Lawton Ok. Then there is this,  I think the reason they attcked me in Lawton, was to cover a darker and sinister secret he had hinding in Lawton.

At this point, I felt the need to re-evaluate the nature of the fight that I was in with Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley.  Part of this was a phone call I got from my Mother the weekend before I was sued over a cracker.  This phone was nothing more than head games to make me quite.  Here is a new fact I am now presenting, my step-father James Morris works for the Diocese of Austin.  The same Diocese the new Bishop of Tulsa was promoted from.  Guess that was David’s reward for destroying what was left of my relationship with my mother.

The Plan is approved by the Board of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu

In November of 2015, a plaster statue was Purchased from an occult shop called Craig’s Emporium.  I began the corrpting the statue, and got the Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley a Christmas Present that had a private video message just for him.  This is now being revealed to the public for the first time.

Oh, let me not forget that the return address on the envelope was from Cardinal DiNardo from Houston,Texas.  Coakley tried to have charges pressed on because of that, but there is no law about which return address can be put on an envelope.  Then we broke the news of the first part of the plan.  Desecration of Mary in front of the Cathedral.Desecration of Mary in front of the Cathedral.  This event went off without a bang:

At this point, City Hall and Arch-Bishop Coakley made a back ally deal to black us out of the media.  We moved forward regardless.  In April of 2016, Mary was put on display at the Oklahoma State Capitol.  This is where I gave a speech on how the United States was not a Christian Nation.  In fact it was founded by Free Masons.  The City and State of Oklahoma granted us a different date than the one we requested.  We did the event and gave the speech anyway.

The next day, the Consumption of Mary was publicly announced.  I did reserve the date of August 15th 2016 back in November of 2015.  Yes, the Consumption of Mary was tactically planned on the date of the assumption.  This doesn’t take away from the fact that this event was done to educate the public.  We where just going to do the Devil’s Yasna originally, but it was decided that that particular ritual was too long and required a live flame.  No fire in the Civic Center.  On my birthday, the news about the event broke.

Leading up to the event, I gave Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley 3 opportunities to resolve this conflict.  The Oklahoma Gazette:

“If they want to issue a full-blown apology, if they want to say they’re sorry and they’re going to leave us the fuck alone, then we’ll leave them alone,” he said. “But I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.”

Second Chance in the Red Dirt Report:

“You know, if the Catholics leave us alone, we would leave them alone,” Daniels said.

Third Chance was a private email that the public is unaware of:


Dastur Adam Daniels <>

Jul 23

to rlewis


This is Adam Daniels, and I’m wondering if your ready to speak yet?  I’ve left many messages via phone and mail.  All go unanswered, even though you assured Nightline that we would speak.  I’ve made it quite obvious and public that I’m willing to try to resolve this conflict.  Either way, it’s your choice as we all have free will.  Also, per information I’ve sent out, you and all other religious leaders are welcome August 15th free of charge.  Should you wish to speak with me it can be as discreet or as public as you wish.  This is the final time I will reach out to try to resolve this issue that we find ourselves in.  I also hope that you have learned, that this is about religion and spirituality.  Either way, this my direct private email and my contact number is 4058824470.


Adam Daniels

Here is a short clip of the Consumtion of Mary:

  I never got an e-mail back or a phone call.  The Catholics where correct the entire time, Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley had the power to stop the Consumption of Mary at The Civic Center Music Hall the whole time.  He refused to contact me to resolve said issue.  Unlike most weak pathetic people, I will make the death blow.  We as the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu will fulfill the obligation of our word.  Here is to a bright future with the Devil.  Keep your Eye on Cable TV this January.


Invisible (Exterior)

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As a Yatus, you are a sorcerer, which is defined: the use of magical powers that are obtained through evil spirits.  One of the most important aspect of Sorcery is idolatry, this is a form that represents the Daeva you work with.  This gives them a physical form that can be used to communicate with, and a housing for your devotional energy that is sacrificed to that particular Daeva.  The term sacrifice, is not what society brain washes you to think, sacrifice is any act of devotion toward an entity.  Singing a Daeva’s hymn, toning a mantra to a Daeva, giving masturbatory or sexual energy, and/or giving Ahrimani pieces of your body to the Daeva; these Evil Words and Evil Actions and even Evil thoughts give energy are and forms of sacrifice.

Ahrimani pieces of your body, are pieces that leave your body: urine, feces, hair, finger and toes nails, dead skin, semen, menses, blood, vomit, exhaling breath and tears.  These are the most obvious parts of you as a human animal that are considered waste, but the Daeva can use these things to perpetuate the Sin War in the Invisible realm.  When we sacrifice our energy and Ahrimani body parts, we give them the energy to maintain their immortality and supplies that can lead to the creation of druj, weapons, or even illusions to misdirect the righteous and the pious.  There is a relationship that must be established between the Daeva and a devotee, and this relationship builds over time.  Through this devotion and sacrifice will the Daeva take notice and will start granting and fulfilling magical requests given by the devotee.

Another way to work with the Daeva, is to imbue your energy with one of them in a gem stone.  The beginning imbuing process was already described in the massage aspect of each Chakra explanation.  The traditional way of selecting the gem stone was a simple game of matching color stone to color of Chakra, and it is was heavily studied and chosen carefully to fit the vibrations of the body and the Daeva’s attributes.  In Traditional Ahrimanism, the core pantheon of Daeva that we work with is known as the Dikpala.  The Dikpala is the Hindu concept of Temple Guardians, this is a basic map to three dimensional understanding of magic and the fusion of physical reality and the Invisible.

The Dikpala consist of 10 Daevas, at the 8 points of a Chaos Star, above, and below.  This takes magic from a 2-D platform that only allows for polygons to be used as sacred geometry, whereas 3-D spatial polyhedron creates an intersection that most New Agers call an Astro-temple.  What these New Agers, fail to realize is that the Invisible is a reflection of the physical reality, and to force the establishment of this reflection is the use of mirrors that are set up to be in the state of an infinity reflection.  The pentagon shape is bested used to set up your magical workings because it allow for a cross-roads of the infinity reflection in an X versus a cross + type cross-road.  Within that area created by the mirrors, you will also need to add the above and below by placing one mirror on the ground and one directly above the one on the ground above on the ceiling.

Just as our subtle body is made of the same cosmic material that the invisible is made of (Purusha), combined with the multi-level infinity reflections from the mirrors, allow for the impression of  the Astral Temple (the ritual space held within the mirror construct) to have a reflection and allows for ritual activity to make an impression on the Invisible.  The Dikpala is called into the spatial construct for 2 reasons.  First, they stand as Invisible Guardians against other Invisible entities that want or are commanded to disrupt your magical working.  The second reason is for the Dikpala to absorb the devotional energy directly and to establish an easier form of communication between us and them.  It also allows for our Ahrimani Sacrifice to be given directly to each Guardian without having to use the go between of fire, Agri the courier.

Within the core pantheon of Daevas that we use, you should find that 7 of those are our Chakra Guardians as well.  The other aspect of the Invisible is the Navagrahas, these are the Planetary Guardians.  Vedic Hindu have a set of 9 Navagrahas, 7 of which are planets in our Solar System and the other 2 based on the tilt of the Earth’s Moon.  They are a paradox that is supposed to influence reality based on the tilt of the Moon, and this was found to only create an inconsequential mythological flux of materialism and spirituality depending on the tilt of the Moon.  Again, 7 members of the Dikpala are also found in the Traditional Ahrimanic Navagrahas.

Mantras that are used to call that specific Daeva with its planet’s energy, is the other aspect of imbuing a gem stone that has already been used to imbue your energy from the Chakra Massage workings.  Another aspect of the Navagrahas, is they have their own Precious Gem Stones that powerfully imbue their nature, these Precious Gem Stones can be imbued and made into personal jewelry that functions similar to what occultists call a Djinn Ring or pendant.  The other gem stones can be used for other types of magical uses that create vibrational disruption to an area that it will be placed.  Thus, it can heighten a magical effect in an area that will be targeted for a physical response by the Invisible.  Think of it as a way for the Invisible and Daeva to have a homing beacon.  If you charge a pair of these gem stones and place one in the targeted area or person, then place its pair in 3-D cube box with Ahrimani Sacrifice, you now have a beacon and battery for a continued use or long term affect against your target.

Each one of us is a miniature universe, a living shrine. (Morihei Ueshiba) Take this quote to heart, if you are to become a living embodiment of Ahzi-Dahaka, you are to become a living vessel and representation of the Devil.  There is purposeful understanding that Manasa wraps herself 7 times around Father Ahriman, 7 Chakras, and 7 Navagrahas.  In dealing with the fact of antithesis instead of adversary, opposition must be met with counter creations at the same number or more.  Find your balance in the eye of the storm, and never look to the kingdom of Order for solace because all you’ll find there is enslavement.

What is the Apostasy Ritual


Definition of APOSTASY

: renunciation of a religious faith
: abandonment of a previous loyalty

The Unpardonable Sin

The unpardonable sin in simple English
(The unpardonable sin in a nutshell)

The unpardonable sin is a sin that is deep rooted in the heart. Jesus said that blasphemy comes from within a man’s heart (Mark 7:21-23). Blasphemy is rooted in hatred, and therefore in order to have blasphemy in your heart against somebody, you must first hate them. So in order to have the ability to commit the unpardonable sin, you must first have a hard heart which hates the Holy Spirit. Once somebody commits this sin, that person cuts them self off from the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 63:10), which is the person who leads them back to repentance (the ability to repent is something given to us by God – 2 Timothy 2:25, “…if perhaps God may grant them repentance…” NASB – there are many other verses to prove this as well, including John 6:44, “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him…” along side John 6:37, “…him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”). Therefore, the person who commits such a sin, would have no way of turning back; he would remain in his hardened heart, and would not have any remorse for what he has done. Therefore, being concerned about such a sin, is valid proof that one has not committed it!

Thats the unpardonable sin in a nutshell. The rest of this study simply digs deeper into this topic.

What the unpardonable sin is

The unpardonable sin is a sin that must be progressed into; it is not a sin that can be committed by just anybody at the snap of his or her finger. It starts with resisting the Holy Spirit, and turns into a rejection against Him; the result is a final rejection of the Holy Spirit in that person’s life, resulting in blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

Blasphemy is a sin which is a sin that meant from the heart (Mark 7:21-23), and is committed when a person(s) speaks evil against somebody, before other people; therefore it is dangerous (not necessarily unpardonable, but dangerous) to speak out to prevent the work of the Lord from being done, such as trying to shut down a ministry which God is moving in, convince people to walk away from Jesus, or prevent them from coming to Jesus.

It is a sin that is committed naturally, flows out freely, and comes from deep within the heart (1 Samuel 16:7, Mark 7:21-23, Luke 6:45); it is not simply some mistaken words spoken, but it is a sin that comes from a heart that is deeply rooted with evil and rejection against the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:34, Mark 7:21-23, Luke 6:45).

The unpardonable sin is like a final rejection of the Holy Spirit, which results in blasphemy against Him, and it cuts the cord forever from being drawn to Jesus. When a person is in this kind of a mindset, they aren’t concerned one bit about what they are doing and have a deep root of evil in their heart (Matthew 12:34). Once a person commits the unpardonable sin, it is impossible for them to change.

The reason you can cut off Jesus, and still change, is because the Holy Spirit can lead you back. It is the Holy Spirit who brings a person to Jesus; therefore, when you flat out reject the Holy Spirit, who is left to bring you back, and give you a heart of repentance and concern? If a person cannot realize that they need Jesus, they are hopeless.

How we can be sure we aren’t guilty

What is spiritual blindness? Spiritual blindness is when a person cannot see spiritually; they cannot realize that they are lost and need Jesus. It is when they cannot recognize the truth. It is when they cannot see a reason to come to Jesus for their salvation. Having concern for your salvation, and believing that Jesus is Lord, is proof that you aren’t spiritually blind; if you were hopeless, there would be no possible way for you to believe upon Jesus, or understand His Word (John 8:43-47).

The unpardonable sin would prevent you from being concerned about your salvation; you wouldn’t see any reason to have Jesus in your life.

In other words, when the unpardonable sin is committed, it completely cuts that person off from the Holy Spirit; therefore it’s not so much that the sin will not be forgiven, but that the sin cannot be forgiven; because without the Holy Spirit, a person cannot have a heart of repentance, and without a heart of repentance, it is impossible to be forgiven!

The Holy Spirit is the one that leads people to Jesus, and it is impossible for man to come to Jesus on his own (John 6:44). When the Father leads a person to Jesus, it is done by removing spiritual blinders from the eyes of that person; therefore giving them the ability to see the need for Jesus and realize that they need salvation (John 5:24). If God didn’t see hope in you, you wouldn’t be able to hear or understand His Word (John 8:47, Isaiah 6:10, Daniel 12:10), therefore you wouldn’t recognize that you need salvation (Matthew 13:15). The only way you can be concerned about your salvation, and realize that Jesus is the way, is if God the Father gives you that understanding; you cannot obtain that realization on your own.

The only way you couldn’t come to Jesus, is if you couldn’t recognize that you needed Him (Matthew 13:15). God is the one who allows man to realize that he needs salvation; man cannot obtain this understanding on his own (John 6:44, John 8:43-47). ALL who understand that they need Jesus to obtain salvation can obtain salvation, because all who believe WILL be saved (John 3:16). There are two types of people, those who believe in Jesus and those who don’t; those who believe in Jesus have eternal spiritual life, and those who don’t are hopeless unless they change and believe (John 3:18).

If God doesn’t want a person to come to Jesus, He won’t allow them to realize that they need Him and therefore believe upon Him (Luke 8:12, John 6:64-65, John 12:40, Romans 9:18, Romans 11:8, Daniel 12:10). All who can recognize that they need Jesus, and will believe upon Him, will be saved (John 6:40, Revelation 3:20). If a person can realize that they need Jesus and will believe upon Him, there are NO sins that they cannot be forgiven of (Acts 13:39).

Simply resisting the Holy Spirit causes Him to draw back from a person, and flat out blasphemy from the heart would cause Him to completely leave that person alone. It is a very advanced state of spiritual rejection to the point to where you cannot come back to Jesus for repentance; it is the point of no return. There would be no conviction of sin after a person has done the unpardonable, because it is the Holy Spirit who convicts us of sin (John 16:8).

Therefore, worry or concern about your salvation is proof that you haven’t done it, and the understanding that you need Jesus is proof that you are able to see spiritually. Are you deeply worried that you may have committed the unpardonable sin? Stop worrying! The very fact that you are concerned about your salvation is proof that you haven’t done the unpardonable sin! If you aren’t spiritually blind, you definitely have hope, now all you need to do is believe in Jesus (John 6:40, John 6:47). If you believe upon Jesus, then there is NO condemnation awaiting you (Romans 8:1, John 3:18). Salvation is available to ALL who can believe (Romans 1:16). Jesus promised not to cast out anybody who comes to Him (John 6:37), therefore if you come to Him, He will NOT cast you out!

You cannot commit the unpardonable sin, then turn around and come to Jesus; it is IMPOSSIBLE (John 6:37, 44).

The path to salvation is basically summed up in two steps, first you must realize that you are lost and need Jesus (which you cannot do unless God allows you to – John 6:44), and then you must believe upon Jesus as your Lord and savior (anybody who can believe, can be saved – John 6:37). If a person refuses to believe in Jesus and cannot see any reason to obtain salvation, then what hope is left?

A few things that prove a person has hope:

They can understand that they need Jesus.
(Luke 10:21-22, John 6:40, John 6:44, John 8:43-47)
They are able to hear God’s Word.
(John 5:24, John 8:43-47, Psalms 10:17, Revelation 3:20)
They desire Jesus in their life.
(Matthew 5:6, John 7:37, Psalms 10:4, Matthew 7:7)
They are willing to call on the name of the Lord.
(Romans 10:13)
They are able to admit they are wrong.
(John 3:20-21, 1 John 1:9)
They are able to see and believe in Jesus.
(John 3:18, John 6:37, John 6:65, Luke 8:12, John 12:39-40)
They love God and the brethren.
(1 Corinthians 8:3, 1 John 3:14)
They can confess Jesus before others.
(Matthew 10:32, 1 Corinthians 12:3, 1 John 4:15)
They are able to receive Jesus.
(John 1:12, Luke 7:23)
The bottom line is, the unpardonable sin is like a final rejection of the Holy Spirit, which results in blasphemy against Him, and it cuts the cord forever from being drawn to Jesus. Therefore if you are concerned about your salvation and desire Jesus in your life, then you have not committed it.

To put it into a nutshell

(a) Blasphemy comes from within a man. Blasphemy is rooted in hatred, therefore somebody who has blasphemy in their heart, is very hateful against that person (in this case, the Holy Spirit) to whom they are on the edge of blaspheming.

(b) The person who is in a position to do the unpardonable sin is very hard hearted against the Holy Spirit. In order to be brought to repentance, that person must be drastically turned around and brought back to repentance.

(c) Repentance is a gift. It is the Holy Spirit who brings us to repentance. The unpardonable sin would cut a person off from the Holy Spirit. Once a person has cut them self off from the Holy Spirit, there is nobody left to bring them back to repentance.

(c) Therefore, the person who has committed such a sin would remain in their hardened state of heart, and have no remorse or desire to repent of such a sin.

Can a person turn to Jesus and be rejected? No! John 6:37, “…him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”

Can a person repent of this sin? No! If we confess our sins, God will forgive us of ALL unrighteousness! 1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

If you still can’t seem to break free

Then it’s most likely a spiritual bondage you are under and will require deliverance to be set free. I have more information on the basic steps to deliverance in my sermon Deliverance in a Nutshell.

Testimony of related spirits being cast out:
Last night we prayed over a young woman who was battling an oppressive spirit that was trying to cause her to doubt her salvation, fears of the unpardonable sin, etc. I began to confront the spirits and they manifested…. she was bent over sobbing and coughing as the spirits were cast out!

Today she said that she feels much better… the spirit that was tormenting her is gone!

New Additional Reading

As of March 30, 2006, a new 101 Practical Guide has been published on how to minister freedom from fears of the unpardonable sin:

– Fears of the unpardonable sin (How to minister freedom)

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This is the Christian version of what real apostasy does. Damn your soul to Hell by blaspheming the Holy Spook. Any LHP self-dedication or self-initiation rite should have said blasphemy in it. This is for people to over come their fear of Hell. This is a forced fed idea that almost all people must suffer through because the world is ruled by the Christian Church and thus their concept of Hell. Thus scaring people into their religion. Now lets look what the Muslims have to say about apostasy.

The Punishment for Apostasy

The punishment for apostasy from Islam is a controversial topic for Muslims living in the West and for ex-Muslims everywhere. That’s because Islam teaches that apostates are to be killed. We know from historic Islamic documents that during Muhammad’s lifetime, and the lifetimes of the next four “Rightly Guided Caliphs”, tens of thousands of Muslims left the faith of Islam and thousands were killed. On a large scale the Muslims made war on groups that chose to leave Islam and massacres of apostates occurred. On a smaller scale individual apostates were executed. This death sentence is in effect whether or not the apostasy occurred in or out of the Islamic state.

It has come into question as to why the Church of Ahriman would attack the Christian concept of Jesus. I will say this, The Church of Ahriman recognizes the power that the symbol and icon of Jesus hold over the collective unconscious. In order to break, dent, or even crack the hold it sways; requires a multiple layer attack to begin the process. The public ritual is to show people of all faiths that the symbol and icon that is Jesus can be attacked and bested. This is a pebble dropped in the pond causing the ripple effect. In order to destroy a current forced thought form that is widely accepted, doubt must be unleashed in the minds of the believers. Doubt, not truth, with set you free.

Halloween Apostasy

Adam vs Jesus

On October 31, 2013 at Lake Hefner (SE Corner of NW Expressway and Meridian). The Church of Ahriman will give the public another chance to view another religious ritual. This ritual is not for the faint at heart, as we are going crucify a person onto an inverted cross. Daevas will be sent into Heaven to steal Jesus and Posses the crucified party. Then Jesus will blaspheme the Holy Spirit and commit the unforgivable sin. Then Jesus will be sent to Hell where the Devil dwells. Its the 2nd coming like you never imagined.

Here is the original explanation: