Ahrimani Explanation

Dastur Adam Daniels has recorded a video, by request of the members of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu.  They needed a source to share what Traditional Ahriman is, in a basic form so people outside the church can have a basic understanding.  Here is that video:


Vengeance, Our Only Law


The remaining questions at this point, that keeps getting ask, why and what was the point of the Black Mass and the Consumption of Mary?  Vengeance, plain and simple.  Oh yeah, change in our society, proving to the Catholics and Christians that there is still seperation of church and state, the Dakhma is a faith based church, and the continued down fall of Coakley’s public face.  Now its our turn to display Arch Bishop Paul Coakley’s wrap sheet against the Ahrimanic Faith:

July  2012  Catholic phone calls are placed to stop our first Public Wedding, and KOCO sent over to demand the origins of Dastur Adam’s ordainment.  That interview was never aired by KOCO.

October 2013  We arrived at the park at the corner of NW Expressway and N Meridian in Oklahoma City.  We where met with the Okc Police Department, and were forced to leave.  We did so without any resistance, however the officer did inform me to get a permit next time and that way the Arch-Diocese could not have us shut down.  This was the Apostasy of Jesus Christ ritual.

June-September 2014  Arch-Bishop Coakley creates a massive shit storm of media to stop the Black Mass of Oklahoma.  He starts by hiding behind his computer and starts whining to Mayor’s office about revoking our permit at the Civic Center Music Hall.  Then the fool sues me for a waffer I never had.


The Black Mass still happened anyway.

October 2015  The Lawton Parish under Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley, does everything it can to shut down my book signing in Lawton Ok. Then there is this,  I think the reason they attcked me in Lawton, was to cover a darker and sinister secret he had hinding in Lawton.

At this point, I felt the need to re-evaluate the nature of the fight that I was in with Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley.  Part of this was a phone call I got from my Mother the weekend before I was sued over a cracker.  This phone was nothing more than head games to make me quite.  Here is a new fact I am now presenting, my step-father James Morris works for the Diocese of Austin.  The same Diocese the new Bishop of Tulsa was promoted from.  Guess that was David’s reward for destroying what was left of my relationship with my mother.

The Plan is approved by the Board of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu

In November of 2015, a plaster statue was Purchased from an occult shop called Craig’s Emporium.  I began the corrpting the statue, and got the Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley a Christmas Present that had a private video message just for him.  This is now being revealed to the public for the first time.

Oh, let me not forget that the return address on the envelope was from Cardinal DiNardo from Houston,Texas.  Coakley tried to have charges pressed on because of that, but there is no law about which return address can be put on an envelope.  Then we broke the news of the first part of the plan.  Desecration of Mary in front of the Cathedral.Desecration of Mary in front of the Cathedral.  This event went off without a bang:

At this point, City Hall and Arch-Bishop Coakley made a back ally deal to black us out of the media.  We moved forward regardless.  In April of 2016, Mary was put on display at the Oklahoma State Capitol.  This is where I gave a speech on how the United States was not a Christian Nation.  In fact it was founded by Free Masons.  The City and State of Oklahoma granted us a different date than the one we requested.  We did the event and gave the speech anyway.

The next day, the Consumption of Mary was publicly announced.  I did reserve the date of August 15th 2016 back in November of 2015.  Yes, the Consumption of Mary was tactically planned on the date of the assumption.  This doesn’t take away from the fact that this event was done to educate the public.  We where just going to do the Devil’s Yasna originally, but it was decided that that particular ritual was too long and required a live flame.  No fire in the Civic Center.  On my birthday, the news about the event broke.

Leading up to the event, I gave Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley 3 opportunities to resolve this conflict.  The Oklahoma Gazette:

“If they want to issue a full-blown apology, if they want to say they’re sorry and they’re going to leave us the fuck alone, then we’ll leave them alone,” he said. “But I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.”

Second Chance in the Red Dirt Report:

“You know, if the Catholics leave us alone, we would leave them alone,” Daniels said.

Third Chance was a private email that the public is unaware of:


Dastur Adam Daniels <dasturadam@gmail.com>

Jul 23

to rlewis


This is Adam Daniels, and I’m wondering if your ready to speak yet?  I’ve left many messages via phone and mail.  All go unanswered, even though you assured Nightline that we would speak.  I’ve made it quite obvious and public that I’m willing to try to resolve this conflict.  Either way, it’s your choice as we all have free will.  Also, per information I’ve sent out, you and all other religious leaders are welcome August 15th free of charge.  Should you wish to speak with me it can be as discreet or as public as you wish.  This is the final time I will reach out to try to resolve this issue that we find ourselves in.  I also hope that you have learned, that this is about religion and spirituality.  Either way, this my direct private email and my contact number is 4058824470.


Adam Daniels

Here is a short clip of the Consumtion of Mary:

  I never got an e-mail back or a phone call.  The Catholics where correct the entire time, Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley had the power to stop the Consumption of Mary at The Civic Center Music Hall the whole time.  He refused to contact me to resolve said issue.  Unlike most weak pathetic people, I will make the death blow.  We as the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu will fulfill the obligation of our word.  Here is to a bright future with the Devil.  Keep your Eye on Cable TV this January.


Spiritual Consumtion of Mary

The huge question, on the minds of the Catholics and Christians is, how in the Hell is the Hindu Goddess Kali going to consume the Blessed Virgin Mary?  Up to this point, they are calling it a play.  It appears that this concept has scared the shit out them, and cognitive dissonance is working in overtime.  To the point that they stopped putting out news blogs and videos.  The Arch-Bishop Paul Coakley continues to bury his head in the sand hoping that Dastur Adam Daniels’s challenge for debate and spiritual authority over the State and City of Oklahoma will just go a way.  By default, Dastur Adam does gleefully take on the responsibility as the spiritual authority over Oklahoma and will continue Ahriman’s Great Spiritual Plan for the Heartland.  The Christians believe the Devil chose Oklahoma from some reason, the simple explanation of the members of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu live in Oklahoma isn’t good enough or anything.




Anybody who has spent any time in the occult should recognize this symbol, but since we may have a new audience looking over this blog, please allow for a brief explanation.  This is used to summon and trap spiritual entities.  Some people go as far as getting into the circle with entity after summoning it, and even having “astral sex” with these entities.  Anyway, this comes from the Lesser Key of Solomon and Solomonic magic is also used by Muslims to work with Djinn.  In the center circle is where the seal of the entity goes to assist with the summoning of an entity.  I will not indulge in the internal/external arguement here, we a sticking to magical principle.




This is the general Yantra for the Mahadevi, aka Pravati.  Mahadevi has 10 forms and Kali is one of these forms.  The Yantra is a both a meditation device to become subconsciously connected to the Goddess and it also works as a Talisman which is charged through specific mantra with particular instructions.  These Yantras do work similar to the above symbol, minus the words of power to bind and trap the entity, the lotus flower offers the Goddess a beautiful place to rest to help protect the devotee.  Usually in a Yantra there is a Bindu spot, normally its a small black circle for the eyes to focus on during the meditation and mantra workings.



The first symbol on the right is the Monastic Symbol of the Virgin Mary, which has gotten some controversy do to Kanye West.  The second symbol is from a Catholic Talisman called, 1830 Virgin Mary Medallion or The Miraculous Medal.  Supposedly, this symbol helps facilitate miracles, and that gives us a direct spiritual link to call the Virgin Mary down and lock her in the trap.  Symbolically forcing Mary back into her own miracle womb that only God penetrated.  Thus being locked into her own pussy.




Hence, here we have the Tantric Trap for Mary, and it is glorious.  We sealed 3 time with Shiva, the same way Shiva sealed Chinnamasta.  During the Consumption of Mary by Jai Kali Maa, three people will be dancing widdershins around the sacred square while saying the Humiliate Mary Prayer.




May this evil Ahura (Angelic Spirit) enjoy the Hell Mouth.  The only true way to Hell per Christian lore, is to be swallowed by the Hell Mouth.  In their lore, it Belial that is the Hell Mouth.  In the original religion of man, it is Devi Kali that eats Asuras which are Ahuras and ultimately, Angels!  So we shall unleash the Devi Kali Maa to eat Mary’s essence.


After the idol is smashed, Mary’s heart will be found and Consumed be the flesh vessel that Kali Ma will possess!


Ethics and Amorality (Public Piece)

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          When there is a society or community, there must be an agreed set of rules.  These rules are based off an accepted ideology that is necessary for everyone within the community to be able to work together without having to worry about the people within their community.  If a member or members, choose to break those accepted, there are consequences to the behavior that threatens the members of the community or the community at large.  Even those consequences should be accepted by the community as just and abhorrent enough, so others will be less likely to participate in the same suffering in the future.

We at the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu are a counter-culture closed society.  Meaning, that we are against the majority of the culture in which we live and we have an ethical code that is followed only within our closed community.  We share an accepted Evil Ideology that is found within our religion, and is enforced by our ritual practice.  These are the tools that we take with us into the outside culture.  Within the closed community there is a different set of ethics because without them the closed community will eat itself alive.  This only serves the surviving predator.  We see this as a major issue that is destroying Satanism, and why Traditional Ahrimanism was born.  There was a need to create a body of people and religious principles that creates a uniting force that can oppose the tyranny of the slave master’s rule over the majority of the culture and society that we share with the enemy.

Closed communities, that are counter-culture, arise throughout history when people become vexed within a culture.  Many counter-cultures have led to revolutions, movements, and alternative ideology that lead movements and revolutions.  There were founding fathers of the United States of America who develop an ideology based what they called Reason that was within a Deistic understanding of religion.  To sum up this ideology, Reason is a logical set of thinking and deducing things to the natural and leaving behind supernatural or religious intervention.  Deism is an understanding that a Creator has no interaction with its creation because it is unable to or has abandoned it.

This very ideology lead both the American Revolution against England and the French Revolution.  This created much turmoil that led to wars on both fronts.  In the end, freedom was attained.  These are examples when this counter-culture worked to gain independence from tyranny.  During the rule of Emperor Xerxes in Persia, there was a movement of people who used Cyrus the Great’s law of religious freedom to buck the laws of the empire.  The clergy of the religion of Marduk, would cause 2 up rising amongst the people of the villages and cities in which they resided in.  The God King Xerxes had fire priests of Ahura Mazda in his court.

Since Zoroastrianism was gaining a stronghold throughout Persia, the older religious ways where being snuffed out.  Hence, the reason for the up risings and movement against the empire.  This pushed Xerxes to adapt the old laws of Jamshid, which the Zoroastrians had indoctrinated into their religion.  Thus destroying the freedoms given by Cyrus, and in response, Xerxes had their golden statue of Marduk smelted down to nothing.  Xerxes also subjugated the cities and villages to meet the Zoroastrian Ideological Law.

That is an example of a new/recycled ideology grasping hold and enslaving and subjugating society to fit its need.  This type of movement and revolution seems to occur more often than the previous mention one about the Founding Father’s ideology and revolution.  Once an ideology of freedom is established, those who promote enslavement will stop at nothing to erode the free ideology over long period’s time.  My example is, the Catholic/Christian oppression of American freedoms that started in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act.  This type of eroding has continued on to the present, were the Catholic/Christian ideology is being pushed and accepted because they have the power and money to highly influence the legislative body of the United States Government.

It appears that we are headed toward another religious and ideological dark age.  How does fight this type of oppression?  It’s quite simple, build a religious ideology that strictly opposes the current ruling enslavers.  Then take this ideology that has the same protection, and attack their ideology.  The lesson to be learned from history is not to oppose the empire, but those clergy who inspire and influence it.

Peter Caira, A Herbad’s Account of Watertown

Peter Caira, a former priest within our church’s ranks. He established our branch out in MA, it was up and running about three months before we actually planned preforming a public ritual in Salem. Now Peter was new to the public side of Satanism, working with the media, so we had to do the contact work with his local media stations. Which was an annoyance for me personally, as a Mobed should have the balls to contact his own media, but it was done in our normal fashion. Moving into our trip, by bus, which was an endeavor in itself. Cramped conditions, along with annoying assholes, and long wait times. Adam and myself are detached from normal society, so being down in the shit of humanity on the bus was a double pronged venture.

Now Peter, before this point, had made himself out to be on his own i.e.; having his own place, his own car, and money to float us, so that our money would be spent on us and the trip. Not buying his drinks and paying for his food. When we finally got out of the cab we realized that Peter still lived with mommy and daddy, a Joke in it’s self, as Peter was nearing thirty years of age. He did not have a car, nor any kind of money. We then proceeded to listen to him saying we could borrow daddy’s work truck in the morning. Saying quote, “My dad won’t let us borrow his truck today.” We then proceeded to walk a mile with all of our bags, because he didn’t want his parents to know we came to their house. We then went to the hotel that Adam had specifically rented, almost exactly between Salem and Watertown, dropped our shit off at the room and we then went out to eat. On our money.

Peter constantly was bumming cigarettes from me and after the second day I stopped buying them, I can go without, apparently he cannot. After dinner we went back to the room where I enjoyed one of my favorite types of cigars, by enjoyed I mean that it wasn’t shared with Peter. While smoking Peter was trying to lay moves on a random fat girl in the office door, we got reprimanded for smoking, which he blamed on me, and we had to again move all of our shit back to the room. Next was Drinks, Adam and myself didn’t drink but maybe once a week at the time, but damn it after a trip like that we needed one!! Peter took us all over the place, trying to confuse us and get us lost, untill we finally ended up at a bar he supposedly knew. We had a good time drinking and joking around and honestly it was one of the good points of the trip.. Untill Peter actually got drunk. When he got hammered he began “picking” on me, moving into yelling at me. Bringing me down and actually accusing me of being a spy from another organization, saying that I. Adam’s understudy, was our weak point.

Demanding to return to the room with us, a two bed-room, I interjected as to where he was going to sleep. He said and I quote, “I sure as hell can’t fuck Adam, so I’ll bunk with you.” Make sure when I quote him, read it in that stupid-ass New England accent. I was pissed and tired, when he began talking about fucking me in my ass. Rape was a constant topic with Peter; “lets rape her, I’m going to rape you, I’m going to beat him and rape his asshole.” It never stopped, it was fucked up. A joke is one thing but constantly!? That night, I slept with my knife. Peter told us that he hadn’t slept right in about two weeks, Adam said he thought Peter was high on something, and at one point Peter actually asked me for money to buy a crack rock.
Peter, “I could really go for some Crack.” I laughed. Peter, “No seriously, I want some Crack. Give me thirty bucks.” I was raised in a house of Heroin and Hard Drug use is a bad point with me. I harshly told him no, but I did not bring this to Adam’s attention untill Peter was gone, otherwise Adam would have beat his ass on the spot.

Next was our trip to Salem, to fuck with the locals, in the style of Devil Worshipers. This was to ruffle feathers and to specifically set up our event and scope a spot, because Peter didn’t have the “time.” We went to their city hall and they sent us over to the Salem Police because there is no need for a permit on a small event like ours. Peter refused to enter the police department and stood outside in the shadows. This was the first time we heard about his active warrants, apparently Peter had surprised a C.O.P. and bit the C.O.P. in the face. They took our information and the Event was on! We got a bite in Salem, an expensive fucking bite, even after Peter put a pubic hair in his food. We then went to meet Peter’s parents, who where actually a breath of normalcy from Peter’s ignorant insanity and constant rape profanity. His father was having problems with cancer in his lungs and his mother looked as though she was suffering from terrible nightmares. Feeling his house out again Adam and myself knew something spiritually wasn’t right.

In Peter’s bedroom there was a skull, I refused to enter it, but Adam didn’t share my feelings and inspected the room. Little did I know how intimate we would become with the room, namely the alter itself. On his bathroom sink was a Michael W. Ford Book, specifically on possession, self possession. Adam told me that the skull seemed to be covered in blood, a Luciferian ideal. Peter’s parents where a complete different type of people, an old school air and actually had respect. We had a pow-wow and spoke of the and I quote, “The Retard Pope,” from Peter’s own mouth. Adam and I then returned to the room alone, because Peter refused to come over and sleep again. Maybe it was the knee I threw in his back, as he wouldn’t stop his loud and awkward fucking snoring!

The beginning of our third day, the last day with Peter, as we stayed a total of five days. Today was the day we where to turn in the rental car and pick up Peter’s dads work truck, off to pick up the annoyance first thing.. well after our free breakfast of course. When we arrived Peter was stressed out, he knew that this day was when we bought the Ritual supplies i.e.; hammer, nails, the base, robes, and cross pieces. When asked of the work truck he dodged the question and seriously pushed that we get the car another day. Adam asked him bluntly, “Are we ever going to use the fucking truck!?” Peter sullenly replied with a no. As it seems Peter doesn’t like to be called out on his bullshit. Peter’s parents actually felt bad about us spending so much money on the trip and when they found out about Peter’s lies they where in complete shock.

When giving directions Peter was a complete idiot, we where forced to use the GPS on my phone to navigate the entire trip. Peter’s parents tried to compensate us by way of free meal coupons to a fancy Mexican restaurant, after this we where to visit the Pope. Alas Peter had different plans. While eating Peter proceeded to call Jess’s phone and begin screaming about make believe threats on his mother’s life, supposedly the Pope’s fake profile threatened to come to his house while Peter was out and kill her. This was all his own fabricated bullshit, all while he was downing margaritas and big one’s at that. Expecting us to flip the bill for them, as the dinner certificates didn’t cover alcohol. Adam received a phone call from Kelsey about one of his daughters and had to step out near the end of our meal, Peter tried once to use the certificates and then followed Adam out. Leaving me to pay for the bill, I said fuck that noise and kicked bricks. After a successful dine and ditch, and Peter fucking up our visit to the Stupid-Ass Pope, we then listened as Peter’s mental capabilities began to decline. He began to explain how one has to believe their own lies for others to believe in them, and how we should still visit the Pope. Knowing full well that the Pope knew I was in town. So that if we did visit him I would’ve been the one to catch charges. Peter would say, “Jeremy, who the fuck is he!? Nobody!” I am Jeremy Motherfucking Melvin stupid-ass, remember the name.

At some point Peter got it into his head that he needed to report the death threat to his local authorities, always an idiotic plan when grounded on nothing with active warrants. He led us to a local dive bar so that he could “think.” Instead he began picking fights and slamming beers. There was free Pizza, which was a plus for any fat guy. After we settled all the disputes Peter then stepped up to Adam’s face and wanted to fight him, saying “Just stab me in the throat and get it over with!!”, both Adam and I told him he didn’t want it. Adam would’ve torn the poor idiot apart and we would’ve left him. Out of respect of his parents we went through with Peter’s plan, in his broken mental state, jail was the best place for him. We went to the C.O.P. shop and spoke to an officer about what we’ve been going through with the stupid ass Pope, he told us with internet laws there wasn’t much the law could do untill it caught up with the modern times. Peter was taken aside and booked, as we left we contacted his mother and father. Telling them that he turned himself in and that the Death Threat was fake. We returned to the room confused and angry, but happy that the nuisance of Peter was gone. Maybe now we could enjoy our vacation in peace, but alas we had one thing left to do.

The next morning we contacted Peter’s parents and asked them if we could speak to them about Peter’s spiritual practices, how it was effecting their family and household. His mother and father didn’t get out of work until later in the day, so we where actually able to enjoy the sights of the city Salem. Without Peter’s constant bullshit we had a decent time visiting the various shops and historic spots. We enjoyed a light lunch and met up with his parents around four in the afternoon. The energy of their house was completely different than when we had first entered, what was at first a knotted ball of anger had unraveled and was nearly a chaotic mess. Adam gathered up Peter’s books pertaining to possession and began to explain to his parents how dangerous the rituals where upon the human psyche. We learned how Peter was diagnosed with PTSD, from a confrontation with a gangbanger and a gun. Now I’ve been on the bad sides of one of the worst cities, I have seen my fare share of shit but PTSD? Really?

Dastur Adam has already explained the what and how of Peter’s bedroom but I’ll explain shortly. We found bloody sigils, along with tools and vials for collecting said blood. Talismans covered in his own shit. Said scull was covered, from tip to chin, in blood and semen and shit. For what reason I still don’t fucking know. Much of what Peter did made me sick, not physically but at the audacity of him actually doing these things! Gladly we hadn’t found any mutilated animals, as is Luciferian custom, although he wasn’t far form the act. Below is the link from Dastur Adam’s blog for further detail of the Alter and it’s dismantling. Not something I ever wish to do again.

Trip to Watertown

In summary MA sucks, I mean it fucking sucks. The people are stupid as hell, and their children are even worse. Salem is a Joke, with psychics and commercialized store fronts on every corner. It is a trip I doubt I’ll ever have again, unless I have the correct incentive, but that holds true for any state.