Celebration of Baphomet for Halloween

The owner to Sauced on the Paseo, Joe #4057063013, canceled the party because he fears the controversy.  Feel free to call him, that is his direct cell phone number.



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Oh boy!  Free Halloween Celebration at Sauced on the Paseo.  When: 8pm till 2am on October 27, 2017.  This is an open event to anyone who would enjoy pizza, debauchery, and Baphomet. Wear your Halloween Costume and bring your friends. Limited free Tarot reading, Ouija Board(s),and Revering Celebratory Ritual at Midnight. Come get all your Samhain thrills and scares. There will be a bar and food at cost provided by the wonderful staff at Sauced.

Please come and enjoy a fun atmosphere of friendship, that is extended to all branches of the Occult, Pagan, and any other alternative lifestyles that don’t fit in the Judeo-Christian paradigm.  We ask that all other magical practitioners, orders, covens, grottoes, lodges, and etc see this as an invite with an olive branch in a graceful hand.  Let us find harmony in our small but powerful community here in Oklahoma and the United States.  Come ye, come all under the banner of the Horned God.


4 thoughts on “Celebration of Baphomet for Halloween

  1. Eucharistic King here. Speaking through a earthen vessel I got your stones. You threw at me. We she he us Watch me. Poof. Your culture of death world away. N y’all can go enjoy yourselves. N your Conjouring2. Pax et bonum. Don’t worry be happy.

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