Black Mass Eucharist 2014 Revisited

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So.. Here we are 3 years later, being hauled into a Catholic Civil Rights Case due to a false arrest of a Catholic Protester.  As you can see, Joan Bell is convinced that some religious hate crime was committed against her.  For whatever reason, which was never explained, the Catholic’s attorney called Dastur Adam as a Federal Witness to Joan Bell’s Civil Lawsuit.  Can you guess what the Catholics really wanted to talk about?  Bread, wafers, blessed wafers, and a second Black Mass that was supposedly happening at the same time, or some weird bullshit.  If you recall, Archbishop Coakley sued Dastur and the entire membership of the Dakhma Of Angra Mainyu over a Eucharist that they believed that the Dakhma had acquired.

Then Nightline broke the news, the Dakhma never had a blessed wafer, to begin with.


3 years later, the Catholics are still obsessively asking about said Eucharist.  Here is Dastur Adam’s fun time conversation about bread, in Federal proceedings.  Wasting everyone’s time to include the court.




6 thoughts on “Black Mass Eucharist 2014 Revisited

  1. It is a hate crime. N it’s not a wafer. If consecrated. ITS. THE MYSTICAL. TRINITY. Father Son Holy Ghost. Jesus. N in AMERICA. We are free to believe that. N j ch6. So stop attacking our faith. Hellions. Your goal shall hit you back. All humanity has a spirit. Your HORRIFIC attacks.against Truth. Jesus Catholic Church Per your free will. Shows what a hater diabolical. Terrorist group you all are. N God allows to prove how evil hell on earth is. Go revisit yourself. Wait until that wafer. ? Saul. Paul’s you all. JMJ.

    • You free will choosing satanists. N your Black masses. N you do steal the Eucharist. Aka. My God. J ch 6. N I have the right to believe n defend my CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN faith freedom of speech in AMERICA. Threaten me all u want. But you crossed the line when you mentally physically n spiritually. Kill bully n terrorize my disabled kids. Now we got a fight. N you hell lost once. N losing again. Tick tock. Look at the clock. N figure out what TIME it is.

  2. The 100 year reign is over. N We live in AMERICA. So don’t attack my Catholic faith again. Or me N my kids. N My belief.. Your so obsessed n consumed. That’s a start. Call me if you have questions on the catholic faith. Your persecution of our faith N us is gonna end. We got rights too.

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