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  1. About the Santa Muerte, (Holy Death) or Lady of The Holy Death. She’s known by many titles like, “Queen of The Darkness, ” Lady of The Shadows, “Lady of The Night, just to name a few. Do you think She may be connected to Ahriman? Also do you think Exu and Pomba Gira of Quimbanda are linked to Ahriman and the daevas?

    • Looking into your ideas, one can definitely draw parallels to all death god and goddess from all cultures (Pantheism). With that being said and acknowledge, Ahriman (Angra Mainyu) is more than just death and necromancy. If we where talking about Shiva and Kali, I’d be more inclined to agree. However, Ahriman is the entire cycle of death. Think of as a snake eating a mouse. Ahriman is the snake coiled around the mouse suffocating it, and that mouse screams its death throws and tries to fight. This is the anguish and subjugation with dominance. Till the mouse has died, then Ahriman takes a step further to devour the body of the mouse. The spirit of the dead mouse is still traumatized by watching its body being consumed. Then that spirit will either be lost or find its way to another birth. Ahriman has nothing but apathy to that spirit. In no way does this particular Death God work in the same way as other death gods. He is unique in the way that He encompasses the entire death cycle between predator and prey. Like Shiva as the Mahakala and Kali as Mahakali these death gods are positive in the same way as Exu and Pomba Gira, but in my opinion Ahriman has to be worked with differently. The Anguish that is afflicted on us as human beings must be channeled into goal. This charge gives us the fight for life from death energy to do what ever it takes to attain that goal. Once the goal is attained, the silent satisfaction of the release of death is felt. That silent satisfaction in black solitude is the reward.

  2. Greetings Dastur, It is a pleasure to explore this information for a 2nd time, with new perspective and no presuppositions. I’m sure you remember me as the infant that originally came to you. I am prepared to admit that I am a novice in the field of the Zoroastrian God system. I think you explained a lot of it on youtube very clearly and in layman’s terms, for which I thank you. I have recently begun to study Cosmology and Cosmolic Literalism, which has brought me to some conclusions that have produced an incredible personal transformation. Dr. Richard Carrier gives some amazing insight into religious dogmas, and how they all fall in the same way. He focuses on the Abrahamic sects and totally debunks them with ease. Of course, Luciferian ideologies are entailed and their falsehood is pretty evident. Other peer-reviewed studies successfully debunk Eastern traditions such as Kundalini, Taoism, Confucianism, etc. But these scholars seem afraid to approach Zoroastrianism with the same aggressive methodology. When I question many of them about Zoroastrianism, I have never received a response that is persuasive or even worth entertaining. I’ll combine several responses. It reduces to: “We know that the Zoroastrian cult seemed to have better Gods than the Yahweh cult, as far as helping out their followers- in the fact that the Persian Empire was able to conquer the original Yahweh tribe so easily. Therefore, 2nd Temple Judaism is predominantly Zoroastrian, which removed any pipeline to God if they ever actually had one.” I see this as dodging the question. So I my questions concerning Zoroastrianism seem to be answered by shifting the burden of legitimacy to 2nd Temple Judaism. Obviously, something is wrong with this picture. Dr. Richard Carrier’s response was: “The God system of the Persians was created by Zoroaster, a man, thus it is man-made and probably not true.” I don’t see that as sufficient evidence disproving Zoroastrianism, and have yet to find a peer-reviewed study about it. Could it be that I was correct from the beginning? That uninformed, undeveloped child that I was when I originally came to Church of Ahriman was on the right track? It’s true that Robert Fraize and I are still in contact and remain friends to this day, but I have informed him that I am in vehement disagreement with his ideology, as well as all Sumerian sects of Satanism that are, in fact, Cosmolic Literalists- no different than Christian Bible Literalists. So, needless to say, I have come full-circle and back to Church of Ahriman with a hunger for understanding. That’s pretty much it. I can understand contempt, if you still bear it toward me, but I am studying Zoroastrianism independently at the moment, from an Ahrimanic position. I am willing to engage, but only if you consent to communicate with me, which is your decision. Hail Ahriman and may you prosper in all your affairs! Thank you. -Tripp Woo

  3. hi,in persia these kind of activities are ilegal.if you can teach your occult teachings by the aid of internet,please let me know.

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